Our View: Blogs are great, but readers beware

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By The Staff

In today’s world of rapid pace, warp speed information delivery it sometimes seems as though everything happened yesterday. The Internet and cable television have delivered unto us a 24/7 news cycle, which can, in times of disasters, be a good thing. Other times, maybe not, such as when broadcasters are obviously reaching to fill time with yawn-inspiring stories.

An offshoot of this rapid-fire reportage, Web logs or blogs have become must-reads for millions each and every day. Blogs are structured around an owner or owners who typically focus on a fairly narrow range of topics designed to target a given audience. In fact, many newspapers now feature blogs that essentially extend the reach and depth for staff writers who cover given beats.

But blogs run the gamut; essentially anyone with Internet access and a cup of coffee can start a blog. There are some very commercially viable blogs out in the vast blogosphere that have become authoritative sources of information on everything from dancing the polka to parenting. From there, blogs exist on virtually any topic and they range from farcical to satirical to comical, and then there are those that are just downright idiotic.