Orthodontics office welcomes new dentist

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Dr. Devan Vest brings with him a professional mission statement

By Bernadette Lauritzen

This week the community of Los Alamos says “aloha,” to one of its newest residents as Dr. Devan Vest, DDS, MS and his family join the office of Los Alamos Orthodontics.
Vest comes spent time at BYU-Hawaii, West Virginia University and the Oregon Health and Science University, prior to coming to the Land of Enchantment.
After completing his specialty training, Vest moved to Albuquerque, where he worked as an associate orthodontist. While there, Vest learned of opportunities with Los Alamos Orthodontics’, Dr. Hobson. He also learned that Hobson was interested in adding to his practice. After an initial meeting the Vest family had found their new home.
“After having visited southern, western and eastern portions of New Mexico, we couldn’t believe the beauty of Los Alamos and the rest of Northern New Mexico. We fell in love with the place, as well as the practice opportunity, “ Vest said.
Vest, along with wife Angela, daughter Kyra, 4, and son Ian, 1, are glad to see the sun after a winter spent in Oregon.
“We love the outdoors and are particularly looking forward to the many outdoor activities that LA. offers, such as hiking the many trails,” Vest said.
Vest has enjoyed the small-town feel with his family, running the many trails and sharing interests with his patients.
He also comes to Los Alamos with a professional mission statement that will serve him well during his time in the community. Vest believes in an orthodontic practice with an exciting atmosphere that combines great patient care and excellent service. He wants to provide a safe, fun and rewarding workplace for his employees and to promote self-worth among patients.
Vest worked to establish this mission statement by performing research, in addition to his full-time work. He has fulfilled his master’s degree as a supplement to his Orthodontic Specialty Certificate. His notable achievements also include; the Dr. William Kramer Award in the OKU Dental Honor Society; the William Butler Scholar Research Award; the American Academy of Oral Maxillofacial Pathology Award, among others.
The staff of Los Alamos Orthodontics welcomed Vest formally with an open house on Thursday. “The staff at Los Alamos Orthodontics is great,” Vest said. “They are very professional and always concerned about making sure the patients get the best care and service possible. At the same time, they really like to have fun and make appointments an enjoyable experience for the patients.”
Los Alamos Orthodontics is located at 3250 Trinity Drive. To learn more about Vest, call 662-4555.