Opinion: Lightning Hawk 8 Declaration of Independence

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In the past few weeks, in Julia Agnew’s language arts classes, we have been writing our own Declaration of Independence’s from Rex Kilburn, the principal of Los Alamos Middle School. 

We have been looking at the Declaration of Independence, and this was an exercise to help us with understanding the Declaration, and how the people at the time felt. 

When we finished writing our Declaration, we invited Kilburn to come and listen to our thoughts, and we gave him a royal seat and outfit to make him feel like King Kilburn. 

In our Declarations, we stated the rules we felt should be changed and why. We also made a threat of what we would do if Kilburn did not change the rules. 

Our group said that if he didn’t change the rules, we would lock all the teachers in a dungeon without any coffee or tea until he gave in to our requests, and most of the teachers here at LAMS would die.

We feel that some of the rules here at LAMS are just stupid; we understand the reasons and why they’re in place, we just feel we should be able to make them more flexible. Most of the groups thought of the same rules they wanted change. A couple were:

• We believe that we should be able to carry our electronics with us throughout the day. Some of us would take advantage of this, but we feel that it should be our responsibility to use them appropriately and deal with the consequences, if we don’t. 

• We feel that we should have a say in our dress-code. We feel that the dress-code is out of date, and has too many rules. We do understand that some people’s dress can get out of hand, but in the summer, the current dress code is hard to follow. All we’re asking for is for a say in what’s allowed and not allowed. We understand why there is need for a dress-code.

• We felt that presenting these to Kilburn was a good thing. We really believed in these 

Declarations that we wrote, and reading them to the principal made us realize just why some of these rules are in place. He listened and played his part in being King George III, and then he explained to us as his normal self just why we have some of these rules. Even though some of them may sound stupid to us, they are in place for a reason. Some of these rules we do still want to be changed, but now we understand them from the principal’s point of view, which is very different from the average student. 

 Thank you, Mr. Kilburn, for coming, for listening, and for being such a good sport when we threw snowballs!