An open letter to founding fathers

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ashington and Thomas Jefferson:
You established a wonderful experiment when you set up our nation as a Republic, and it worked well for about 200 years. But then elected officials got greedy and appropriated all sorts of perks for themselves. 
They voted lifetime pensions for themselves after they leave office. They exempted themselves from laws and regulations that they didn’t like. They, including the President, refused to enforce laws that were voted on by the people, and made new laws without going through the legislative process. They didn’t do what was best for our country, but only what was best for their re-election campaigns.
When voters tried to remove corrupt officials from office, they discovered that hard-working honest citizens couldn’t get elected unless they were lawyers and/or had tremendous amounts of cash on hand, and/or were backed by corrupt individuals or organizations who had tremendous amounts of cash on hand.
In almost every case, the person who wins an election is the one who spends the most money on his/her campaign. A lot of it goes into ads, which deceive the people and distort the issues.
You would be amazed at how our country as a whole has turned its back on the God of the universe and on the solid biblical principles upon which you founded this nation.
George, you didn’t run for another term, even though you were perhaps our greatest President ever, because you were looking at the long-range goals for our country and knew that the baton had to be passed on. 
I’m sorry for the way our generation has failed to keep the Grand Experiment going. What Baron Acton said in 1887 is really true: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”
Pamela R. Prichard
Los Alamos