Oh my gosh. Oh my GOSH. OH MY GOSH!

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Did you know that there’s a class action lawsuit by parents suing McDonald’s because their Happy Meals, which include toys, are addicting to their children?
Today we’ll look at the negative and positive aspects of people and how you can make a difference.
Hey folks, if your seven year old has the power over you and their “addiction” to Happy Meals has you driving to McDonald’s on demand, let me offer you some advice.
If you indulge the every whim of your little one now, you will be trying to indulge the whim of the juvenile probation officer by the time they are in their teens.
My husband and I work with a few schools to create a pledge garden, which teaches not only about gardening and flower growth, but trying to making healthy choices and being empowered to say no.
As part of the exercise, my husband has them turn to the student beside them and say “no,” then yell, “NO,” to demonstrate how easy it is to say it.
So, for those of you who need some practice, just say out loud, “no.” That’s right, from just behind the newspaper, give a loud no and see if it elicits any response from those in the room other than the dog. Now that isn’t such a hard thing to do, is it?
The response to last week’s column has been great. There are a large number of you that wish many of the parents you know, and some you don’t, would pull themselves up by their boot straps and have more of a backbone when it comes to getting involved in their children’s business.
Stop me if I’ve told you this story before, but when I was a teen, I had to be home by midnight. One day I said to my parents, “anything I could do after midnight could be done before midnight, you know.” The answer back was, “then maybe you’d like to come home by 10 o’clock?”
If the story didn’t make a connection for you, go back and repeat the saying “no” exercise mentioned above.
We’re constantly hearing how bad things are and everyone has a story to tell or something grumpy to say.
Now is your chance to do the opposite, nominate someone for a Community Asset award. Male, female, young old, individual, business, it doesn’t matter. Assets In Action, the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Chamber of Commerce will hold the second annual event and it only takes a few minutes of your time. No deep background information is required, there’s no fee to nominate someone and you may regret it if you let the chance pass.
Log on to www.AssetsInAction.info or call us at 661-4846. The shindig will be held at the Best Western Hilltop House Hotel in January. Additional details will follow in the next two weeks, but the deadline looms for those that need to be heralded for their accomplishments.
Be safe out there during the winter break.