NTSB on hand to investigate

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By The Staff

The National Transportation Safety Board arrived from Washington Tuesday to conduct its investigation into Sunday’s plane crash that killed two people.
“Processing the scene is our top priority in these first hours,” NTSB PIO Eric Weiss said in an email Tuesday night.
Los Alamos County confirmed Tuesday there were two fatalities but was waiting on the Office of Medical Investigation to release identities and hometowns.
The Los Alamos Monitor found out the tail number from the NTSB and cross checked the information on the FAA website.
 A woman from Harmony, Minn. has confirmed that her fiancé was one of the victims in Sunday’s plane crash. Darla Reynolds said Monday that the man’s name is Mike Fjetland, 51, a prominent Minnesota businessman.
Reynolds told The Los Alamos Monitor that the last text he sent to her was on Sunday morning. It said he was about to take off from the Los Alamos County Airport to fly to Chandler, Ariz.
She said they have a house in Stellar Airpark and she was going to join him later. With Fjetland was his longtime friend and business partner, Kevin Burrs of Corwith, Iowa.
Susan Burrs, Kevin’s wife, later confirmed to the Los Alamos Monitor that crash authorities contacted her earlier about her husband.
“He was a great man, always willing to help everybody, and always did help everybody,” Susan Burrs said. “He was called on quite a bit by his friends and family.”
The plane crashed around 8:10 a.m., about one mile south of the Los Alamos County Airport in Los Alamos Canyon, on land that is owned by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. On Sunday, The Los Alamos Fire Department and police used a section of Canyon Rim Trail off of East Road as a staging area to get to the crash.
Emergency management crews secured the area most of Sunday for the NTSB to investigate.
According to sources at the Federal Aviation Administration, Fjetland was flying a Husky A-1C-200, manufactured by Aviat Aircraft. It was built in 2012, and was powered by a Lycoming 10-360-A1D6 engine.