Now is the time to apply for summer jobs

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By Tom and Ben Hanlon



During the summer months many teens are on the hunt for jobs. Businesses in Los Alamos recognize this and offer opportunities for students looking for work.  

Smith’s Food and Drug is currently in the process of hiring 130 employees to staff its new Marketplace, opening in July in Los Alamos.

“The positions we are looking for varies on the age of our hires and for what we have available. Teens between the ages of 16 and 17 can only be hired as Courtesy Clerks (Baggers) due to equipment operations,” said Elizabeth Maestas, Smith’s Human Resources specialist.  

Teens interested in applying can fill out all required material online at the Smith’s website.  

“Since Smith’s is committed to Customer Service, the best advice I can give to any individual seeking a job here or elsewhere is to always look, talk and be professional,” Maestas said.

Cathe McClard, who is the human resources director at Los Alamos National Bank also stresses the importance of professionalism.  

“Take it seriously. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, neat and professionally,” McClard said. 

LANB hires teenagers for basic tasks such as filing, but also wants jobs to be a learning experience for students.  

“We have about four or five student positions at any one time. What we want to do with our students is make sure that their jobs are just as interesting and that they are learning just as much as any other employee that we have,” McClard said.

Some students will help applicants or even help on the teller line once they are done filing or completing their basic tasks.  

“I can’t foresee any job opportunities right now, but I encourage teens to go ahead and apply anyway because now is good time to do so; summer is coming,” McClard said.  

Many teenagers don’t just want summer jobs but year-round jobs that can give them a steady flow of spending money. 

LAHS senior Matthew Davenport has been working at The Family YMCA in Los Alamos for the past two years. As a Welcome Center Representative he assists members, signs them up for programs, helps with membership dues and opens up the facility in the morning.  

“I didn’t really want to ask my dad for money since I was perfectly capable of earning it myself, so I decided to put in a few applications,” Davenport said. 

While getting a job in high school may be exciting for some teenagers, school is still the priority.   

Diego Cardiel, a senior at LAHS, is a waiter at the Fusion Café and has been working there since the beginning of the year. 

“School in relation to a job really depends on where you work and what your hours are. At my old job I would work until around midnight and that would make it super difficult to get homework done,” Cardiel said.   

The Los Alamos County Parks and Recreation has already begun their hiring process, but Program Manager Dianne Marquez has some advice for teens looking for summer jobs.  

“Do not wait until summer begins to look for a job. If teens are looking for a summer job with the Recreation Division they need to be checking the county’s job postings in January and February. Many places post their positions months in advance as they need to have people in place and trained by the time May and June roll around,” Marquez said.