No one comes out of jail better than they went in

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I support Judge Pat Casados  for magistrate judge.   I am very familiar with DWI, the laws, the pain  and the statistics. I am fully aware of the devastation it creates for the victims and the perpetrators of this crime.  
I have lived in our communtiy for 31 years and  have been  involved in the formation of our local MADD Chapter, was the Los Alamos DWI Coordinator, chaired the Los Alamos DWI Program and I currently serve on that committee.   
Judge Casados has been a very active and important member of our local DWI Council.  
I also have been  personally involved in the judicial process as I have a family member who was convicted of DWI under Judge Casados.   
She always upholds the laws but is also truly concerned for our citizens who violate the law. She does not believe that jail time is the only solution to DWI.  This is a very complex issue and no one “sentencing” seems to be the answer.
I certainly believe that there should be a punitive aspect to DWI but jail time never solves the problem other than to keep a repeat offender off the street.  
I do not pretend after all these years of studying DWI in New Mexico to have the answers but probation, treatment, alternative sentencing and compassion and concern from our judges does seem to make a difference.  
I believe that most people believe that they will be caught and punished for DWI in our community due to a vigilant police force and good judges.  
I believe Judge Casados shares our community values.  Los Alamos is a community of neighbors, friends and relatives and I believe we are all compassionate and intelligent enough to understand that throwing one of our community members in jail for lengthy periods of time and offering no support or help is simply not the answer. No one comes out of jail a better person.
I want to personally thank Judge Casdos for her handling of our DWI cases and I ask for your support  for her in the upcoming election.

Diane Noveroske
Los Alamos