No more mugs in "Police Beat"

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By The Staff

It appears the Monitor is now publishing “mug shots” alongside the items listed in the Police Beat.  I and many others I’ve spoken with are surprised and horrified.  “Charge or citations listed in Police Beat do not imply innocence or guilt.”  That statement above the   Police Beat appears to have little merit now.  To me, mug shots imply guilt.  I can’t think of a better way for the Monitor to influence public opinion against those that may or may not be guilty.  Even if completely innocent of any wrongdoing, now that person has had his or her picture published and that picture will be remembered by the Monitor’s readers.  

How is this helpful?  More like sensationalistic, I think,  and more for your readers to gossip about.  Please

consider that the public may remember the arrested person’s picture when the person applies for jobs, college, etc.  And even if innocent, that prejudice “helped” along by the unkind photography will harm that person’s chances for a better life.

Please revisit this policy.  Thank you.

Elly Olivas

Los Alamos