No more door-to-door

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By The Staff

This is the time of the year when cherub faced salesmen come to the door peddling everything from nuts to wrapping paper in order to raise funds for a variety of projects.

The Chamisa Elementary School PTO has departed from the traditional catalog sales and taken on a new fundraiser to fill their piggy banks.

After attending a large concert for a children’s hospital with her in-laws, PTO President Diana McPherson brought the idea of a concert to the PTO board and this week, it comes together in a large community gathering.

Friday, local artist Peter Apel will perform in a concert at Chamisa Elementary School titled, “I’ve got a dinosaur on my head.” His magical mysteries and musical melodies will provide support for cheetah classroom projects.

Apel spent his youth in Los Alamos before landing in the Bay Area in California. After encouragement from friends and family after providing dinner entertainment and fun at parties, Apel has put together a CD and website featuring songs like, “I love bananas,” or “Peacocks don’t lay eggs.”

“I thank my parents for providing exposure to music,” Apel said. “Music was always playing in the Apel house whether it came from the hi-fi, my dad singing stories to us, or even playing a little accordion or harmonica in the house. Still to this day, if someone starts signing a familiar tune, my mom will jump in with a nice harmony.”

Apel credits Otowi Station staff with being successful in his local endeavors but if music isn’t people’s thing, perhaps they can stop by for dinner and the silent auction taking place prior to the  concert.

A presale silent auction and dinner is open to both those attending the concert and those who enjoy snacking and shopping. Starting at 4:40 p.m., each classroom will display its wares that will be up for grabs until 7:30 p.m.

The gift basket silent auction is meant to entice savvy shoppers and is open to the entire community for their gift giving needs.

The baskets up for grabs include everything from baking and car supplies to chocolate, tea and more. Items are available for viewing at the Chamisa website at www.laschools.net/chamisa.