NMED begins talks with LANL on clean-up

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The New Mexico Environment Department met with representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratory on Monday to establish a framework for moving forward on Governor Martinez’s clean-up priorities for Los Alamos National Laboratory.
“Governor Martinez has emphasized that continued acceleration of above ground transuranic (TRU) waste disposal is a major priority, and protection of ground water and drinking water systems must continue to be priorities notwithstanding potential federal budget decreases,” New Mexico Environment Secretary David Martin said.  
“Our goal is to optimally tackle the remaining clean up challenges and find ways to provide maximum environmental protection for the citizens of New Mexico.”  
“We are certainly aware of the budgetary discussions in DC and our intent is to get the maximum work done for New Mexico with the federal funds we are allocated,” NNSA LASO Manager Kevin Smith said.  
“We are dedicated to get the TRU waste off the lab site as quickly as feasible.”
The New Mexico Environment Department, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Department of Energy collectively agreed to develop a framework to start discussing the clean-up work at Los Alamos.  
As a result of Monday’s initial meeting, NMED, DOE and LANL have formed a steering committee that will begin to define the highest risk areas at the lab site that require priority clean-up and implement an efficient and safe way to get the job done.
“Our desire is to maintain the momentum already established by the current Consent Order,” Martin said.   “It is now our task to update the Consent Order for a more active remediation.”