N.M. doesn’t need a Plum Book

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By Jay Miller

SANTA FE — “If I’m elected governor, I’ll fire every single political appointee.” Sound familiar? You’ve likely heard that promise from every single gubernatorial candidate for almost a year.

We’re down to only two candidates now and this is one campaign promise you can expect either of them to keep. Governors always do. They want their own trusted individuals around them, not the former governor’s buddies.

How would you handle it if you were the incoming governor? Wouldn’t you want your most trusted associates at your side to help implement your initiatives?

So before your term even begins, you would send a form letter to all your predecessor’s appointees thanking them for their service and advising them that if they are interested in further employment with the state, go stand in line at the personnel office.

And then you start hiring your own staff of exempt employees. But one word of caution: don’t go overboard. You’ll need an office staff and a slew of cabinet secretaries and some sort of executive assistant for each.