News Alert: Roofing fumes drive dozens of LANL employees to seek medical evaluations

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By The Staff

Word that a collapsed roof and bromine fumes shut down the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research (CMR) Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory Wednesday was apparently false.

"There's been some roofing being done on the CMR Building and air monitoring inside CMR revealed volatile organism compounds from roofing adhesive had entered the building," LANL spokesman Jeff Berger said. "So LANL managers in charge ordered a controlled evacuation and made available medical evaluations for anyone who wanted to go to the Occupational Medicine Facility."

Dozens of employees, complaining of feeling lightheaded and other effects, were checked out at the Occupational Medicine Facility, he said.

Berger reported that three employees "received first aid along the lines of eye drops for irritated eyes" and the remainder appeared to be fine.

All of the employees were eventually released and returned to work Wednesday, he said.

An investigation into the incident continues, Berger said, adding that measures have been put in place to avoid a similar event.

The roofing operations have resumed without the use of adhesives, which will only be used at night when the building is unoccupied.