News Alert: Local home fills with carbon monoxide, four children and mom survive

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By The Staff

Anyone living without carbon monoxide detectors in their home may rethink that decision after reading what happened this weekend to Los Alamos County employee Leslie Bucklin and her four daughters.

Normally the entire family is deep asleep by 11 p.m., but Sunday night Bucklin and her 17-year-old daughter were rearranging furniture on the main floor of their four-story condo as the other children slept upstairs.

They didn't notice their home filling with carbon monoxide. There was no odor. There were no fumes.

They began to hear a faint alarm-like sound coming from their basement that didn't sound like a smoke alarm.

As they opened the basement door, they heard a recording stating their home was registering high carbon monoxide levels.

They raced through the house throwing open windows, grabbing the girls and rushing outside to call 911.

The Bucklins had no idea they had been just about three hours from death.

"I'm a Christian and this was a God thing - there is no other explanation for our family being alive today," Bucklin said during an interview this morning.

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