NEWS ALERT: Feds fault lab cyber security

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LANL points to budget decisions

By Roger Snodgrass

In answer to a bipartisan request by the leadership of two committees in the House of Representatives, the Government Accountability Office identified a number of "shortcomings" in the cyber security program at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Cyber security encompasses a number of activities that attempt to prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information on the laboratory's classified computers.

"While the laboratory has taken steps to protect information on its classified computer network, a number of security weaknesses remain," GAO concluded.

LANL critic Jay Coghlan, executive director of Nuclear Watch New Mexico saw a discrepancy between what the laboratory spends on "fancy and speculative 'high performance computing' (illustrated by a graph in the report) – about $70 million in 2008, versus the 'core classifIed Cyber security program (about $5 million in the same year)."

"Clearly the lab was more focused on having bragging rights for the fastest

supercomputer rather than being 100 percent vigilant about protecting the nation’s nuclear secrets,” he said.


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