New Spidey better than recent trilogy

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Hollywood: Maguire and Dunst absent from latest movie

By Mike Cote

For those who believe that Hollywood is out of ideas, that belief was no doubt steel-belt reinforced by the July 4 release of “The Amazing Spider-Man.”
I certainly questioned the wisdom of doing a reboot of a franchise that was only five years removed from a successful incarnation with Sam Raimi’s trilogy.
In fact, it’s rumored that Raimi, who directed all three films, inadvertently caused the reboot by refusing to do a fourth Spider-Man film — it’s also believed that the star of those films, Tobey Maguire, wasn’t interested, either.
Marvel Comics and Columbia were both bent on making another Spider-Man movie (according to IMDB.com, Raimi’s trio grossed approximately $1.8 billion worldwide, a figure that’s tough to argue with).
So, instead of another installment of Maguire and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane, Columbia and appropriately-named director Marc Webb, went with Andrew Garfield to fill the role your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
As of last weekend, this film has already cleared the $200 million mark domestically, not a bad haul, especially considering it debuted just a little more than two weeks before “The Dark Knight Rises.”