New pay option for student fees implemented

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By Tris DeRoma

Forget the lines and checks getting lost in the mail ­— earlier this summer, the Los Alamos Board of Education cleared the way for high school students and their parents to pay lab and other student fees like they probably do with many other things these days, online.

Principal Sandra Warnock said the old way meant parents would have to pay all those fees during registration.

“This way, they can pay before beforehand, so registration will be a little bit more streamlined for them,” she said.

By Thursday, students should have already received their registration packets and fee information through the mail, according to Warnock. Once they get their total, they just simply have to go online to powerschool.laschools.net/public/home.html and follow PayPal’s gold and blue buttons. Students who do pay prior to registration will need to bring the receipt.

“Paying ahead of registration day will be a huge timesaver for parents and their students. The most important thing to remember, however, is for the student or parent to bring the payment receipt with them to registration,” a statement in a school announcement about the new pay option said.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gene Schmidt said implementing the new option was all about convenience for students and parents.

“People are used to banking on their phones and computers. If I need to put money on your meal card, there’s money there waiting for you. It’s the convenience for the community we’re responding to,” he said.