New golf course waste of county dollars

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Once again the idea of a new golf course is up for consideration during the Los Alamos County Council Capital Improvement Projects meeting. I had really hoped we had put this ridiculous idea to rest but apparently the select few wish to pursue it again.
All the benefits a new golf course would bring to the county, suggested by these select few, are purely pipe dreams. This idea is an absolute waste of county dollars. Currently rounds played are dropping and are continuing to drop. Most of the players who come out to play are ones who come out on a regular basis. Any numbers reflecting new players or increased attendance are highly inflated numbers by the golf course staff. Anyone that plays our current golf course on a regular basis can plainly see the significant drop in attendance.
I’m sure the select few who support this idea will have a response, but all they have are dreams and ideals with no sound economic, or realistic proof that such an idea would benefit Los Alamos. All they have are dreams and speculation. There’s no proof that it will even attract more golfers from out of town or out of state. They have no studies or anything else to support a huge expense such as this. A new golf course is what they would like to have and nothing more.
The county is also having to subsidize our current golf course and building a new one will only force the county to subsidize even more. The only way to support a new golf course is to increase property taxes and raise membership and greens fees that will force most players to go play elsewhere or quit playing completely.
Also, in order to build a new golf course the current one will have to be shut down for at least two years or more. If all the current users are forced to play at other courses, and priced out from the new one, than they won’t come back.
Our current golf course is more than adequate for this town.
Significant money can be saved by just improving what we have. Start by building a new irrigation system, replace the current netting on the driving range with taller supports and more substantial netting, and replace the sand in all the bunkers. We can also budget for more staff for grounds crew which would enable our current “acting superintendent” to perform better maintenance and make our current golf course the pristine course it once was.
An increase in budget for maintenance will also make attracting a new more qualified superintendent easier and better than the one we just had.
So I’m asking all the golfers and other interested parties who don’t want to see the county waste money on this ridiculous idea to email their council members and attend the CIP meeting to voice your objections to this folly.
Robert Viser
Los Alamos