New columnist joins the Monitor

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By Carol A. Clark


Dr. E. Kirsten Peters’ Rock Doc columns will appear weekly in the Monitor beginning Wednesday. Her columns are a service of the College of Sciences of Washington State University where she is director of Communications and Information.

The former newspaper reporter also is a geologist with broad interests across the sciences. Her columns concern a variety of topics, including research work underway at Washington State University, the scientific dimension of events in the national news, technical work that has economic significance and other aspects of science of particular interest to the public.

“My column covers topic important to all Americans with special interest emphasis on questions of particular concern west of the Mississippi,” she said. “The tone is upbeat, with occasional doses of humor at my expense.”

Peters is a native of the rural Northwest, and received her geology training at Princeton and Harvard.

She welcomes questions and ideas from readers about any aspects of what she’s covered already in her columns and what should be done next.

A sampling of past Rock Doc column titles that can be found on the Washington State University website include:

•When the Sahara was Green  

•Hybrid Evolution Dumping gasoline, going to gas 

•Commuting on Canola? 

•Saving Gas Upside Down 

•Rattlers on the Rocks