New building wins praise from staff and students

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By Kirsten Laskey

Bilingual Montessori School relocated to its new building at 115 Longview Drive Oct. 1 and everyone  from the students to the teachers are noticing and appreciating the differences.


The school, owner Odalys Fernandez said, needed a bigger space than its former 111 Longview Drive building. to accommodate its larger student population. The number of students grew from 37 to 50.

These 50 students have plenty of space in the new building, which features five classrooms, a portal for 1-year-olds, a playground, kitchen and teacher’s lounge.

“Everybody has their own space,” Fernandez said.

It’s not just the play space for the children that increased, storage space has also expanded, she added.  

“We have more play space for the kids, storage space, all around it’s much better,” Fernandez said.

“Everybody loves it,” she said.

Her feelings were shared by several of the students.

Several students shared what they liked best about their new school.

Lily Shevitz said she enjoyed jumping on the trampoline in the new all-purpose room and,  “I like the library.”

Vincenza McMahon said, “I like to do art in the all-purpose room. I like to learn stuff. I like the outside playground.”

If Luke Gonzales had to choose between attending class in the old school and having his class in the new school, he would pick the new school.

“This school,’ he said, “because me and my grandpa tried to peak through the windows (when it was being renovated).”

Gonzales added he likes “that it has a bigger space for the playground and it has a bigger library.”