New blog covers “all things nuclear”

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By The Staff

Earlier this month the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) launched a new blog, AllThingsNuclear.org, featuring insight and commentary on a range of related issues, including nuclear weapons, fissile materials, arms control, missile defense, space weapons, reprocessing, China and security, and nuclear power, all in the context of science, security and policy.

UCS Global Security Program (GSP) staff will comment on these issues as they develop.

The “All Things Nuclear” blogger lineup includes:

• Lisbeth Gronlund, GSP co-director and senior scientist;

• David Wright, GSP co-director and senior scientist;

• Laura Grego, senior staff scientist;

• Gregory Kulacki, China Project manager and senior analyst;

• David Lochbaum, director, Nuclear Safety Project;

• Edwin Lyman, senior staff scientist;

• Sean Meyer, project manager, U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy Initiative

• Stephen Young, Washington representative and senior analyst and

• Mark Donaldson, Scoville Fellow

UCS Global Security Program scientists and policy analysts are working to reduce the biggest security threats facing the world today.

They are collaborating with scientists around the world to increase international understanding of these issues and to support efforts to strengthen international security.

The most recent blog, by physicist Edwin Lyman, critiques the Nuclear Security Summit that President Obama held in Washington recently.

The Union of Concerned Scientists is the leading U.S. science-based nonprofit organization. Founded in 1969, UCS is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. and also has offices in Berkeley, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

For more information, visit www.ucsusa.org.