Myths about Los Alamos

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BY Alyssabeth Hilger and Alyssa Madril

Many people have heard the myth, “people from Los Alamos glow bright pink,” but where did this myth come from?
It has something to do with a practice bombing back in the 1940s.
People in Albuquerque suspected something was going on in Los Alamos because of sudden traffic that had been going on for about two weeks.
They wondered why so many people would go up to such a deserted place.
On May 7, 1945, residents saw a large ball in the sky; a large amount of TNT had been released and made the situation even more suspicious. Residents began talking about “The Secret of the Hill.”  
The same night the TNT was released, people from Santa Fe were awakened by a loud bang, along with dancing lights in the sky. Obviously something big was going to happen.
Finally, at exactly 5:29 a.m., a strange “sun” began to rise brighter ever before.
It was a brilliant bright pink. People who saw this thought that when the TNT fell from the sky, it would turn the people from Los Alamos bright pink.
It is said that this is how the myth “people from Los Alamos glow bright pink at night” all started.