Music program caters to kids

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Dr. Greg Schneider, or Mr. Greg, as he is known to his “groupies,” is set to begin a new year of Music Together with a meet and greet Monday evening.
While Schneider has degrees in Music Education and Composition, working as a professional musician for more than 30 years, including several positions with the Santa Fe Opera, his current claim to fame, just may be his work with children under five.
“I was impressed enough with Music Together that I did a rather abrupt about face with my career in order become involved with the program,” Schneider said. “ I had always planned on being a full time university faculty member in a music department. “
This summer Schneider continued his Music Together training, even after eight years of being involved with the program.
Music Together is a music education program that highly involves parents and caregivers in the process, for children under five.
“I’ve had students as young as three weeks old that are able to participate with age appropriate behaviors such as cooing on specific notes within a musical scale,” Schneider said.
Schneider will have a
Q and A on Monday, with a Wine and Cheese Party at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, where the Music Together of Los Alamos classes are from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
The meet and greet will allow Schneider to show the data that supports the methods and benefits of music education, while introducing children to the fun.
“It will be an opportunity to meet current and/or prospective Music Together parents and to learn about some of the legitimate educational research that Music
Together is based upon,” Schneider said.
Parents can spend
30 minutes with Schnedier, while wife Pauline allows children to bang the drum, beat the gong and ring the bells to create music. There is no fee and the only thing required is an RSVP.
Schneider hopes to demonstrate to parents and caregivers that all children are musical and preschool children will engage in spontaneous self directed musical play on their own.
“Musical development at this stage parallels language development and just like language, it’s quite possible to learn music later in life, but it’s never easier to do so between birth and about age five,” Schneider said.
Schneider can be reached at 920-0851, or email at gas@swcp.com, or visit musictogetherla.com.
Schneider will also
host a session at the
CommUnity University event on Sept. 7.