Music marathon set for Sunday

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 The Fourth Annual Music Marathon for University of New Mexico-Los Alamos will be from 2-8 p.m. Sunday at UNM-LA Auditorium.
Six hours of live and varied music — from Celtic folk tunes, upbeat jazz, Polish mazurkas with dancers, to a guitar soloist, bluegrass band, and classical piano — all for one voluntary donation.
Patrons are welcome to come and go throughout the six hour event.
Robin Gurule and Peter McLachlan will begin the program with piano and piccolo trumpet.
Next are piano students Karin Ebey, the Composition Representative at the state contest, Sonja Ebey, Troy Makela, Ben Christenson, Aidan Ortiz, Natalie Crawford, Megan Crawford, Lucas Yeager, William Dale and Joseph Dale.
Juanita Madland, who has won piano competitions all over the globe, and Claudia Hilko will perform Rachmaninoff and Shostakovic duets.
KayLinda Crawford, a Texas transplant, will entertain on piano.
Claudia and Bob Hilko will dance to the first of a selection of Chopin Mazurkas (Polish dances), accompanied by Juanita Madland.
Members of the Little Piano Group will play and continue Mazurkas: Rheta Moazzami, Judy Hutson, Juanita Madland, Darien Raistrick, Robin Gurule, Claudia Hilko, Phyllis Slattery and Bonnie Kiang.
Richard Hannemann, local performer, teacher, studio musician, will perform a variety of guitar music.
Darien Raistrick, who was a music major at Stanford University, and is a piano teacher will, perform selections from Chopin and Mozart.
Rachel Hixson, violin, and Will Houston, viola, will perform a duet.
Cathy Turner, will play selections on piano. Turner plays in the local band Roaring Jelly.
Rebecca Caron, co-artistic director of Soundscapes, currently performs with the San Juan Symphony. She will perform on a cello made by her husband, eminent violinmaker David Caron.
Alicia Solomon, mezzo-soprano, will render a solo, accompanied by Juanita Madland.
David Hanson, viol, and his partner will perform early music.
Bluegrass group, “Strung Out,” with Mike Bremer, Dave Dillman, Cindy Harris, Bob Harris, Matthew Hecht, Bot MacFarlane, and Jackie MacFarlane, and Jon Rubins, will quicken the pace a bit.
Frances Meier, Los Alamos composer and music teacher, pianist and organist, will play piano, with Mike Meier, guitar.
Juanita Madland will honor us with a part of the concert she recently played in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.
And, finally, The Craig Martin Experience, a Los Alamos jazz group featuring big band swing, with strong doses of hard bop and funky jazz, will perform. The first four members initially played together with UNM-LA’s Jazz Theory class. Bandleader, Craig Martin on tenor sax, said he and the group are happy to give back to UNM-LA. Band members are Quinn Marksteiner on alto sax, Carl Hagelberg on trumpet, Mike Rogers on guitar, Aaron Anderson on keyboard, Rob Heineman on bass and John Frary on drums.