Music instructor looks back on 12 years of teaching

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Gregory Schneider has taught  Music Together in Los Alamos for 12 years and a new spring session is about to begin.
 “I enjoy being the first music teacher that most of my students – and sometimes their families, have ever had,” Schneider said. “It’s rewarding getting children and their families hooked on actively making music, not just passively listening to it.”
Some of his very first students would have been in the under age 5 category with his youngest every being just 3 weeks old. Today they may very well be walking the halls of the local middle or high school and still have a love for music.
“Even newborns respond to music in an age appropriate manner and the music they hear at that early age does imprint upon their brain even long before they can speak or sing,” Schneider said.
Schneider explained that the Music Together curriculum is founded upon the work of researchers like Harvard Educational Psychologist Howard Gardner. Schneider explained how musical learning can make children more receptive to learning in other areas due to brain stimulation.
Classes are taught locally on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:15 p.m. in Sherrill Hall at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church.
If Music Together isn’t in the plans, Schneider hopes that when parents hear a child making musical sounds that ideally they should mimic them the same way they would with those first attempts at speech. 
“The child likewise recognizes that those musical sounds have value,” said Schneider,” and leads to more interaction with the adults in their lives.”
Schneider has his bachelor of music education degree from Indiana University and a master of music and a doctor of musical arts from the University of North Texas. Schneider has 30 years of experience as a professional guitarist, composer and music educator.
Schneider is also an active professional composer, guitarist, bassist, conductor and arranger.
Visit the local Music Together website at musictogetherla.com. The next classes begin March 22, Schneider can be reached at 672-9554 for more information.