Moving right along at Crossroads Bible

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By Kirsten Laskey

For a while the two church buildings stood side by side – the 50-year-old building and the young one growing up beside it. Then suddenly the old building laid crumbled in piles and the young church continued to develop.

The old may have been done away for the new, but whatever form it is in, Crossroads Bible Church is striving to follow the same objectives as it has in the past.

“The whole intent and mind set of our church is to be an asset and to reach out to the community as best we could,” Steve Limback, assistant project manager, said. In addition to working on the new church project, Limback has been a member of the Crossroads Bible Church congregation for 32 years.

“We want to have the building be a resource for the community,” he added.

The former building was used as everything from a meeting place for organizations to a location to conduct Jazzercise and Weight Watchers sessions.

A lot of people in the community, Limback said, are looking forward to the opening of the new church facility.

The new building offers a lot to be excited about. There is a multi-purpose room, a modern commercial-grade kitchen, a nursery, classrooms, a covered picnic area and a conference room.

On top of that, the new facility offers a lot more space. It covers 33,000 square feet, compared to 770 square feet in the old building.

The building project has had starts and stops, but it officially got kicked off four years ago, Limback said.

There were a few interruptions, he explained, but “now we’re back up to speed.”

Contractors were changed and now  Karl Bennett is working on the project. The project manager is Kirk Christensen.

The project is being conducted in two phases. In the first phase, the whole top floor along with the downstairs kitchen and bathrooms are being completed. The first phase is expected to be completed by mid-September. At that point, the church will occupy the new building. It currently meets at Mountain Elementary School.

To celebrate, a concert featuring Christian singer Kirk Christensen will be held Oct. 9.  

The bottom floor will be completed in the second phase, which is planned to take another  year to finish.

The congregation had a hand in designing the new building.

“The congregation was very involved in the planning and design,” Limback said. He explained different ministry teams were asked for their input and the contractors tried to incorporate everyone’s suggestions.

Limback explained the new building is being constructed because the church grew out of the old one.

He explained the old sanctuary only held about 100 people and therefore, three services were held to accommodate the congregation.

Still, Limback said it was a little sad to see the 50-year-old building get demolished. Even though there was excitement for what lies ahead.

“There were all those feelings,” Limback said. “A lot of our congregation grew up in that church.”

Families were baptized and married in the old church. There were a lot of fond memories in the old facility, Limback said.

“It was hard to see it go,” he added.

However, “it was showing its age,” Limback said.

Plus, the new facility gives the church the space it needs. “It’s a larger facility,” Limback said. “You could do a whole more things here.”

For instance, the church’s ministry can expand on its AWANA and youth programs.

The new church will certainly offer some changes for Crossroads Bible but one thing will remain constant.

For everyone in the church, Limback said, it is extremely important to glorify God.

“Anything (done in) our church is to glorify God and serve the community He has placed us in.”