Mountain should keep Katko

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

 I am greatly concerned about Principal Mike Katko’s possible termination as principal of Mountain Elementary School. I first heard about this and thought, “I don’t know the details. I should stay out of it.” Upon reflection, however, I realized I care too much about whether this man is a part of my child’s education to remain silent.

My child is in his third year in Mike Katko’s Mountain Elementary School. I have had more than one meeting with Mike, asking him to help me ensure a good fit with my child and the teacher…one that would cater to some special needs. I have met with Mike to discuss problems and victories.

Simply put, I have found this man to be the example by which all school leaders should be judged.

He has been dedicated and passionate about the school, each child and this community.  I do not know the details of the current situation, but I beg the superintendent to look at the whole picture…not just this incident. Look at the years this man has given to this school and this community. Please, if there is a doubt, give him the benefit of it.

I am begging you, parents of Mountain Elementary School kids who have attended under Mr. Katko’s leadership, come forward! Let your voice be heard. What has your experience of Mr. Katko been? Has he been fair and reasonable with your family? Have you seen incidents of concern or incidents of exceptional dedication and commitment to our children and our community? Have you seen how Mr. Katko has created an atmosphere of striving for excellence among the staff and students? Have you seen this man working the cross walk every week keeping our kids safe? Have you had occasion to ask Mr. Katko to go above and beyond on behalf of your student or family situation? Has he worked with you? Parents, please speak of your experiences. Do not wait until we have lost this man to realize how blessed we have been to have him!

Thank you for your consideration.

Anna Dillane

Los Alamos