Mountain School kids act out unique version of 'Cinderella'

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Disney > Performers consisted of five classes of first and second graders

By The Staff

Five classes of first and second grade students performed the musical “Disney’s Cinderella Kids,” last week in the Mountain School gym.
Each student had a special role whether that was Cinderella, narrator, solo singer, a wheel of the carriage, or something else. There were six students that acted as Cinderella.
There were about 100 guests that came to watch, including all the other grades and teachers. Families and teachers all worked together to help the students perform this “happily-ever-after” tale.
The art teachers, Lorri McInroy and Stephanie Rittner, helped make props and backdrops, the parents and grandparents helped with costumes and hanging the backdrops.
The teachers helped with logistics, memorizing lines and music.
The students learned about working together, singing (pitch, high/low and fast/slow), what cue lines are, moving, acting, portraying emotions, using props, solo singing and staying focused.
The students said they loved working on and performing ‘Disney’s Cinderella Kids!’ They were so excited and had a ton of fun.
The parents had comments like that of Karen Doebling saying, “That was so fun to watch!” “Not the typical elementary music performance for sure.” “We’re very impressed” “What a fun way to learn music.”
Mountain school’s music teacher, Kelsey Cline, said she was very proud of all the young actors!