Motorist, 95, attempts to make new drive-thru at McDonald's

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 Mark Casados of Los Alamos and his friend were having breakfast at McDonald’s  about 9.a.m. Saturday when they got the surprise of a lifetime. A vehicle jumped the curb and hit the restaurant, shattering the glass.


“My friend saw the car. We were really lucky,” Casados said. Los Alamos Police and Fire Departments were on the scene within minutes.

According to deputy police chief Kevin Purtymun, the driver of the vehicle was a 95-year-old Los Alamos man, who was treated at the scene by LAFD and was not transported to the Los Alamos Medical Center. The man was able to drive the car home. Purtymun said the man did not receive a citation because the accident occurred on private property.

Purtymun said the cause of the accident was that the driver either mistook the gas for the brake or his foot slipped from the brake onto the gas pedal. There was damage to the restaurant and the vehicle, but no injuries were reported, The restaurant on Trinity Drive remained open during the accident investigation.

McDonalds supervisor Michelle Beals, who was called up from Santa Fe and not in the restaurant at the time of the accident, said there was no estimate yet for the damage to the restaurant. “We have to get somebody up here to check it out,” Beals said.

The window frame of the restaurant was bent and it was built to hold three windows. “One of the windows was completely shattered and the other two broke,” she said. “The frame was completely bent and out of shape,” she said.