More opinions on the new LAMS building

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By Quincee Sandoval and Madison Peterson

 Do you like the new school?Are you getting to your classes on time? Are you having trouble finding your classes? These are the many questions students of the new Los Alamos Middle School are being asked. Here are two opinions about the new school.

 “I really like the new school — it’s really spacious! I feel less cramped. The one thing I don’t like about the new school is that the lockers are really small — why can’t we have the tall lockers! :( But otherwise, I like the building. It’s really nice and modern and easier to move around in.”

“My opinion about the new school is that I sort of miss the portables, because they were cozy and not as big. Also, I thought having lockers would be really fun. It turns out I don’t really like lockers - I like being able to have all of the things I need right next to me in my backpack. If you forget something, and you are somewhere like P.E., then you have to go all the way back up to your locker and get it. That wouldn’t happen if you had your backpack. I’m sure I will like the new school more and more as the year progresses.”