More on the CRC debate

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For some time, it seemed to me, the Los Alamos Monitor was begging for letters to the editor to supplement the tedious daily op eds. A recent spark has arisen though in the Charter Review debate between:
• those who desire administrative smoothness by strengthening discretion and prerogative of those in office (representative democracy); and
• those who support the messiness of more participation by students even if it delimits or delays action by elected officials.
I’d be bemused by this dichotomy in this small and often considered most educated community, but I find it sad.
For beyond this, it strikes me, lies the continuing (and growing?) cynicism in the populace that leadership will do what it wants no matter what people think.
My own take is that the perception of “leadership” in the community as public service or self-service drives that cyncism.
But, not to worry, council will take up the matter and then we can go back to tedious op-eds.
Robert A. Nunz
Los Alamos