Monitor irresponsible in publishing story

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

 Regarding the article in Wednesdays paper, “Mountain Principal’s Job in Question,” I was shocked and appalled that the Monitor would print such a premature and irresponsible piece.

Why add to the issue of “rumors running rampant” when no real news was there to report.

My daughter is a student at Mountain School and it is my experience that Mike Katko is nothing short of a kind, conscientious and caring principal.

Los Alamos is a small town and the Monitor is widely read up here.  It can be really easy to plant seeds of doubt and negativity and so wording is important and should be taken seriously; especially when good people’s reputations and work are at stake.

Part of living in a small town is that it makes us all a little more accountable. Los Alamos Monitor staff, that means you too.

Los Alamos