Monitor does not want to know

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

The issue is here is not that you don’t understand it’s that you don’t want to understand. At every turn in this debate in the past six months or even longer there have been accusations of the county not following procedure and of council members spouses trying to influence P&Z Commissioners.

There has been talk about the police chief taking it away from Parks and Rec Board. Let’s not forget that they sat on it for two years and did absolutely nothing with it so council asked someone else to head it up. As for not following procedures all you have done is speculate that procedures weren’t followed and that council just ran right over everyone. Yet you fail to prove your journalistic abilities by providing the reading public with the ordinances or parts of the charter that the council clearly ignored in order to railroad the public into putting this park in its chosen location.

As for the Advisory Boards who voted against the location, you and they must remember they are only advisory boards and have absolutely no power about what council does nor do they have the authority to override any council decision. As for (Nona) Bowman’s accusations that P&Z did not have the information they needed from the Comprehensive Plan (CP) and Downtown Master Plan (DMP) that is absolutely false. I was at that hearing and was very well aware that staff provided the needed information to each commissioner that asked for the information.

The failure to understand that information by Commissioner (Ann) Wadstrom was based solely on her refusal to hear what was being said because it disagreed with her opinions. As for you constantly whining and moaning about the process, either pull the data from the Municipal Code that backs you up or keep your misguided opinion to yourself. Just because council agrees to put an item on the agenda for discussion does not mean that the item is set in stone.

Disussing the possibility of placing the item on the November ballot based on a petition of 11 signatures doesn’t guarantee that the issue will be on the ballot. And I’m sorry to say just because Jeanette Wallace and Vincent Chiravalle signed on to it doesn’t give it any more weight, it only politicizes it more. I have a petition of 70-plus signatures that says build it now and build it in the chosen location and I could take this to council but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get my way.

So please either back your words up with solid facts and legislative documentation or just stop already. Your whining is getting annoying. The CP and DMP are nothing more than guidelines not law day.

Los Alamos council candidate