Misrepresentation of fluoride, vaccines

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Merilee Dannemann’s recent anti-fluoridation column (March 26) should have been tossed into the trash, not published in your newspaper. She is yet another journalist who thinks that her profession entitles her to repeat fear-mongering nonsense.
All those anti-fluoridation bullet points she scores are copied from the nuts who have continually pushed their anti-fluoridation hobby these past very many years, as if there were some science behind it. There isn’t.
The world has more than 60 years of experience of active fluoridation of municipal water supplies and some areas have natural fluoride in the water. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have been consuming fluoridated water.
There has not been a single case of anyone getting poisoned, or having any other problem caused by fluoride in drinking water. No mental retardation, no shortened life span, etc., etc. There have been immense benefits to people’s dental well being.
The ignorant pushing of the anti-public health and anti-vaccination nonsense by the press, exemplified by Dannemann, has caused immense harm and even death to very many innocent and defenseless people, namely, children.
Polio, smallpox, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, chicken pox and two dozen more previously untreatable diseases are now preventable by a rational program of vaccination. Yet the lunatic fringe which pushes outrageous lies about vaccination is given prominent space in our newspapers, misleading millions of parents into thinking that it’s OK to not vaccinate their children.
Dannemann even tossed in a vague rumination about “autism, auto-immune disease and other health conditions we can’t explain.” Does this mean that fluoride is the explanation? I suppose I should be grateful that she left Hitler and Stalin out of her screed; others in the past have included them as somehow responsible for fluoridating water.
I think you owe your readers a more responsible management of who and what is published in your newspaper. A pro-fluoridation editorial would be a good start.

Siegfried N. Lodwig
Los Alamos