The mirror of Eruliaf

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By John Pawlak

March 20, 2010 — (DP) Disassociated Press, updated 3:39 p.m. PT (Pawlak Time)

  Beaumont, U.S. — The Iraqi military relinquished management of a Texas prison holding some 34,800 detainees to U.S. authorities on Saturday as the Iraqis continued preparations for a full withdrawal by the end of 2011.

Seven years ago today, in response to a terrorist attack on the Tower of Babel in Baghdad, President Saddam Hussein launched a preemptive strike, invading and occupying the United States in what was coined “Operation Fight Satan”.  In a broadcast over Al-Jazeera TV, Hussein told the Iraqi people “I am happy to announce that Iraqi and coalition forces have commenced military operations to disarm the United States, to liberate its people from social injustice, and to shield the world from the perversion and demonic influence of American insurgency.”