McClellan is the top predictor

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By The Staff

Laura McClellan had a near-perfect prediction at this week’s Atomic City Roadrunners’ Pace Race.
Tuesday’s Pace Race, which started on North Mesa, was held in honor of the memory of longtime Roadrunner Ruth Demuth.
McClellan finished Tuesday’s race 1 second off her predicted finish time, but she needed almost all of that top prediction as Ted Williams was only off by 3 seconds and Nikol Strother was only off by 5 seconds.
Strother was also the fastest finisher on the 3-mile course, finishing in 20 minutes, 40 seconds. Ted Romero had the fastest finish among men competing on the long course with his time of 21:38.
On the 1-mile course, Morela Vargas finished in 12:33 and Bob Weeks posted a time of 12:53.
The next Pace Race will be Tuesday. The race will be held on American Springs Road, which is approximately 1.3 miles from the intersection between N.M. 4 and the Back Gate on N.M. 501. Both 1- and 3-mile courses will be available.
For more information, visit the Roadrunners’ website, atomicrunners.com or call 672-1639.