McCain a hypocrite

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By George Chandler

Dear Editor,

John McCain made a huge mistake: he marginalized Paris Hilton. Now in her Funny or Die video (http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/64ad536a6d) Paris exploited the opening as only she could do, and showed McCain and the Republicans for the elitist snobs they are.

McCain has no program and no class except his rich friends. Compare with Barack Obama, poor boy who got through Harvard Law School and worked as a community organizer in the projects of Chicago. He addresses every problem and attempts to find solutions that include the whole country, even McCain’s rich oil buddies. He marginalizes nobody.

If you’re a working stiff and you have fallen for the Republican myth that they’re on your side, you’ve been marginalized and underestimated just as Paris was. If you’re a scientist look at how the Republicans have marginalized science and dried up your laboratory by misguided privatization to generate profit for their corporate buddies. Get smart like Paris did, and support Barack Obama.

Los Alamos