Match employees with the right job to reap a win-win

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When it comes to hiring people, small businesses usually don’t have the resources of large corporations, which have human resources specialists who are trained to recruit employees and to monitor their performance with regular performance appraisals.
A small-business owner usually has to rely on gut instincts, observation and pointed questions when hiring a new employee and thereafter has to monitor how the employee is doing to make sure she is a good fit for the job and is performing at the height of her abilities.
While large corporations sometimes tolerate the underperformance of mismatched workers, hiring the wrong person can be devastating to a smaller company.
Beyond appearances:
A job applicant can look great on paper, with all the right training and experience and complimentary references.
But that doesn’t mean he’ll be able to adjust to a specific business’ internal culture or the demands of a specific job.
Just because someone has qualifications doesn’t mean he has the qualities needed to perform in a specific job.
Too many businesses hire the applicant who seems best for the job, then train him and hope he adjusts to the job and the workplace.
A better approach for a small business is to consider what the job requires before looking for the person who can fill that spot.