Making unexpected achievements

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By Kirsten Laskey

It’s surprising just how much a person is able to achieve, if she gives herself a chance. While participating in a yoga class, the instructor decided to present a different yoga position to the session, one unlike all the cobras, downward dogs, planks and child poses that had be executed for most of the time. For this move, the participants had to kneel, twist to one side, loop one arm across their back, circle the other arm underneath their leg, touch both hands, then slowly stand up and extend the leg slung between their arms.

Hunching over and feeling as though I had turned myself into a knot, I glanced at another class participant who had embraced her leg with her arms and thought, “This is impossible.” Even the instructor’s comforting statement that this particular exercise was easy did not sway my skepticism.

When she had the class practice the pose again, I was somewhat amazed that in the mirror I was standing with my leg bent between my arms. I had actually done it. Clumsily, yes, but I had actually done it.

Sometimes, all you need is a little push to try and test your abilities; people can do far more than they are sometimes willing to believe.

And with a brand-new year approaching, what could be a better time than now to expand your skills?