Making sense of golf course alternatives

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It is good that the potential improvements to the Los Alamos Golf Course are being discussed by all, but we need to make sure that the options and alternatives make sense. The walking trail bridge, for example, is an option that doesn’t seem to make sense for any of the users.
 Presently, the options have been narrowed down to two. Alternative 1 stays within the existing golf course boundary and footprint.
 Alternative 2 expands the boundary over some of the existing trails. Both alternatives call for moving the walking trail bridge to a new location with a major redesign at a cost of about a quarter-million dollars.
Right now the bridge in its present location is just a simple wood structure about twenty-two feet long.
 In Alternative 1 the walking trail bridge would not be a part of the golf course nor would it be within the proposed golf course boundary. No plans are mentioned in Alternative 1 for golfers to use the proposed new bridge to cross a canyon which is outside the golf course footprint.