Make L.A. desirable

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While the leaders of the county profess a desire to make Los Alamos a more desirable “destination,” it strikes me that none of the places to stay have any ambience to make anyone want to spend even a single night.
 So I wondered: without any constraints about something already being there, what and where would I put something that I thought would provide the desired asset.
Only one location in the entire town would do in my opinion — the east side of Ashley Pond.
So the current community building would need to go “boom” and be replaced with a curved 4-story hotel with a 2-story restaurant (ground level on the east side) that has a balcony for overlooking the pond and viewing the Jemez Mountains.
Hotel rooms would have west-facing balconies, too. Such a facility would provide peaceful ambience, a chance to relax with a margarita or wine and soak in the natural surroundings of Los Alamos, a central location to amble through the historic region of town, and a place to think about exploring Mother Nature.
Ah, some would say, but it is county land. So is Trinity Site where a 75-year lease has been granted.
If the old Muni building was deemed dispensable on the pond, what is so sacred about the community center?
Along with a hotel, it might be desirable to put a large “concert” pavilion over on the other side of the pond to de-emphasize the presence of the “law.”
Joel M Williams
Los Alamos 

Re: Make LA desirable

Joel, if the County proceeded as you wisely suggest, that might actually encourage private business and, worse yet, bring in additional non-Lab revenue into the County! The County Council, as well as the County staff, diligently strive to thwart any attempt to, you know, actually encourage businesses to thrive in Los Alamos. At every opportunity, the den of thieves known as the County Council raises the GRT rate, knowing full well that they are simply stealing from the rest of the country, as LANL pays by far the bulk of the GRT taxes.

The unspoken County motto is to beat down commercial enterprises at every available opportunity.