‘Music Man’ show has everyone up on their feet

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By Special to the Monitor

A Mother’s Day Performance of “The Music Man” had people on their feet by the end of the performance. Julia Fair, Daren Savage and Melissa Balice directed and choreographed the combined Chamisa and Pinon Elementary School production of “The Music Man.”

With a cast of 26 students, the show was a huge success. The train scene started off with Katie Delgado who also played the bubbly Zaneeta. She, along with several of the cast members, started the matinee with the rhythm of a train. The first chorus was “Iowa Stubborn.” It was clear at this moment that this was going to be a performance to remember. The cast came out strong and confident. Harold Hill, performed by Derek Selvage, belted out the fast paced song “Trouble.” One person in the audience said that Selvage was so convincing as the fast talking salesman that he said he checked his wallet several times during the production to make sure he still had his money. The performance from Monica Clarke as Marian the Librarian was mesmerizing. Her vocal range was that of a mature adult. Katie Delgado was the perfect Zaneeta. Her famous saying, ”Ye Gods” was always delivered at the right time with the perfect facial expressions to match. The Pick-a-Little Ladies, lead by Emma McKinley as Mrs. Shin, were everything they should be. Winthrop, played by Megan Pimentel, sang several songs with the memorable lisps. Not only were her songs done well, she nailed her dance numbers. Mary Brug played the feisty mother Mrs. Paroo. The Shipoopi dance number led by Marcellus, Alex Swart, was fast and full of great dance steps. The mayor, Thomas Collins, and Charlie Cowell, played by Jonathan Schueler, were very strong roles for these two students.

They were able to pull you into their character. Collin Cribbs played Tommy Djilas and helped lead the band while Alison Pimentel played the adorable Amaryllis.

All of these young performers should be very proud of themselves. The chemistry between the cast during the different scenes was apparent. The dialog was so natural that it was hard to remember one was watching a play.

The other cast members included, Holly Aikin, Taylor Collins, Tom Collins, Roxanne Grieggs, Mackenzie Hatfield, Aaron Hinijos, Mitchell Lee, Vicky Lee, Justin Lemke, Celeste Levy, Elizabeth Lockhart, Alison Pimentel, Russell Purvis, Jonathan Schueler, Ruby Selvage, Katelyn Skeen, Alex Swart and Isaac Timmerman.

Many of the cast members have performed together since 2004. They were in “Annie,” “Peter Pan,” “Wizard of Oz” and “The Jungle Book.” This is the first time they have performed at Duane Smith Auditorium. Savage and Fair wanted to give the students the full theatre experience.

With less than five weeks of rehearsals, this troupe performed at a level that amazed even the parents.

If you missed the production this year, please make sure to attend next year. Atomic City Children’s Theater is a new afterschool fine arts program that is offered by the Los Alamos Public Schools for elementary school students.