The lowest of the low

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By John Pawlak

It’s a dog’s world. That means dogs rule, people drool. Dogs know how to have fun in almost any situation, whereas people work hard to find fault with anything and everything.
And people can manufacture nightmares in this dog’s world that would keep Freddy Krueger awake. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would purposely hurt a dog.
But some people treat dogs like garbage, abusing and tossing them aside with no more thought than one would have for a discarded piece of trash.
As a shining example of what people value in our society, consider the mound of yak upchuck who goes by the name Michael Vick.
In a recent interview, Vick (currently a $5 million a year NFL quarterback for the New York Jets) bragged that he could help any team get to the Super Bowl.
I don’t know if anyone explained to this sadistic cretin, but they don’t torture dogs at the Super Bowl. His talents would be severely wasted.
Vick personifies the absolute worst in human DNA, the ability of people to place human pleasure above everything else. After serving 18 months in a plush jail, he was quickly put back onto the playing field for the Philadelphia Eagles, making tens of millions of dollars. Despite the pleasure and profit he took in torturing dogs for entertainment, his fans continued to praise him.
We love you, Michael! Please, kill my dog! We’ll love you no matter what!
In my opinion, anyone who attended a Philadelphia Eagles game while this putrid heap of sewage played is guilty of supporting dog fighting. Anyone who goes to or watches a New York Jets game is now guilty of the same.
If someone tortured your dog to death, how would you feel to see that guy making tens of millions of dollars every year, living in luxury and laughing it off?
This exemplifies what people value. If our society had any decency, Vick would be drawn and quartered. He’s so nauseating, I wouldn’t even waste my spit on him.
And yet, when he returned to the playing field, this blood-sport entrepreneur was greeted as a hero. The Philadelphia Eagles unanimously voted him winner of the “Edward Block Courage Award,” an award given to the player who “is a model of inspiration, sportsmanship and courage.”
Courage? How much courage does it take to enjoy orchestrating the horrific pain and death of dogs? I doubt that those people who openly defend Vick’s right to “be given a second chance” could keep their dinner down after looking at pictures of what dog fighting entails.
For six years, this sociopathic waste product ran a torture-mill that had dogs electrocuted, beaten and drowned.
So why am I so upset now? Someone I know back on the East coast (I’ll call him Bob) was telling me how excited he was to see Vick recruited into the New York Jets.
I told Bob that I was surprised to hear that he enjoyed the “sport” of dog torture. Of course, he thinks I’m being too harsh, both on him and on poor misunderstood Michael.
Comments from Vick supporters state, “People need to let this go. He’s done his time.” “He’s paid his debt to society and should be allowed to earn an honest living!”, and “The man has shown remorse and is trying to make amends!”
Remorse? I wonder if these people would be as forgiving if it had been their dogs that Vick tortured to death. Somehow, I really doubt that they’d be singing praise for that murderer.
Any person who would purposely inflict pain on a creature as lovable and innocent as a dog, especially for profit and pleasure, is in my mind no better than similar sociopaths vilified throughout history.
There’s really no middle ground here. The guy is pure scum incarnate. You either have to condemn him and any team that pays him to play, or you have to defend his rights, implying that your entertainment is more important than the lives of innocent animals.
So, any Jets fans want to defend this guy? Anyone? Anyone?
Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?