Los Alamos Boy Scout recognized for bravery

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Ten year-old Cade Allen Cummins was the center of attention recently at a special Court of Honor. Pack 27 Cub Scouts and the Great Southwest Council of Boy Scouts of America convened on Jan. 24 to award the distinguished Certificate of Merit to Cummins for his bravery.  
While walking to Mountain Elementary School early in the morning on May 4, 2010, Cummins saw his friend in the path of an oncoming truck on North Road. Cummins’ quick, decisive and selfless action to quickly pull her from the path of the truck prevented serious injury and likely saved her life. The crossing guard witnessed the event and reported Cummins’ act of heroism to school officials and the Boy Scouts of America.   
“The Certificate of Merit is rarely awarded,” Cummins’ father, Steve Cummins said. “An investigation was conducted by the National Council of Boy Scouts of America to determine if Cade’s actions warranted the award, and they determined that it did. My wife and I are very proud of Cade.”
The National Council of Boy Scouts of America presents three awards to outstanding scouts who have acted heroically; the honor medal, the heroism medal and the certificate of Merit. An honor medal is presented to Scouts for saving life at the extreme risk to the life of the scout and at times is awarded posthumously. The heroism medal is presented to scouts for saving a life at minimal or less risk than that of the honor medal. Certificates of merit are authorized to be presented when the scout performs an act of heroism but of a lesser degree than those required for the other two awards. All of these awards are presented in the name of the Boy Scouts of America. In order for a scout to be honored with such an award, application must be made and approved by the BSA’s National Court of Honor.