Logan brings global experience to Los Alamos

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Los Alamos County Golf Course General Manager has earned repuation as man who can 'open any property in any country in the world'

By Phil Scherer

Sam Logan is a man who has seen it all.

After living in 12 countries on five continents across more than three decades, Logan landed in Los Alamos County, a place unlike any other he has lived since beginning his career in golf in the late 1980s.

Logan took over as the general manager of the Los Alamos County Golf Course in May 2016. Though the position as a general manager is one he has held at golf courses around the world for years, the area is quite different than the places he has recently lived, - most notably Colombia, Nigeria and Mexico.

Known around the world as a man who specializes in opening new resorts, Logan found Los Alamos to be intriguing because of the county’s desire to take the golf course in a new direction, and because of the strong school system his 10-year-old son Jack can take advantage of.

Although his career ended up taking him around the world in the golf industry, that was never originally the plan.
Logan was born in West Texas, and moved around a lot in his younger days, much like he has continued to do into adulthood.

All through his childhood, he had aspirations of becoming a corporate oil attorney, and attended the University of Oklahoma in pursuit of that goal.

However, upon graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, and his life was forever changed.

“After the military, I couldn’t go back to school. I just wasn’t a student anymore,” Logan said. “The military really changed me.”

He went through two “hardship” assignments while in the military, first being part of the first unit deployed to Honduras in 1983, and then to South Korea, which has always been a hotspot of activity.

Despite it changing his life plans, Logan said, “I loved the military. It did wonders for me. It instilled a lot of discipline and a lot of character.”

Following stints in the military, Logan was offered a job in Puerto Rico at one of the top-50 golf courses in the world, at a resort that was designed by Nelson Rockefeller during the 1950s.

While there, he turned pro in 1988, and received his full class-A membership in 1994. Two years from now, he will join an illustrious group by joining the “Quarter Century” Club, marking 25 years on the PGA Tour.

He was then offered a job in Mexico, opening a new resort with the Four Seasons hotel chain, followed by two more resort openings in Mexico in the years following.

“I kind of got the reputation as the guy who could open any property on any country in the world,” Logan said.

In total, he opened eight properties around the world before coming to Los Alamos, - including two in Africa, one in Mongolia, three in Mexico, and one each in Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

Two of those properties are now ranked in the top-100 in the world.

“I was never really searching for jobs, they just seemed to always come to me,” Logan said.

He became a father late in life, and it changed his entire outlook on his career.

In the first eight years of his son’s life, his family lived on three different continents, in Nigeria, Mexico and Colombia.

He made the decision that he needed to relocate to the United States so his son could grow up safe in a good school system.

“I can’t have my son walking down the street in Cartagena, Colombia,” Logan said.

During their time in Nigeria, Logan had an armed driver that would escort his family wherever they needed to go.

The driver carried an AK-47 and a 9-millimeter Gloc on him at all times, and Logan and his family went nowhere alone.

After searching for jobs, he stumbled across an opening in Los Alamos.

“This one really intrigued me because the county seemed to want a ‘new direction’,” Logan said. “I’ve probably got more new direction than anyone they could find, having the experience that I have globally.”

By hiring Logan, Los Alamos County hired a complete outsider.

Of the seven candidates for the position, Logan was the only one not originally from New Mexico.

Since starting here, Logan said the experience has been great, and that the course has taken many steps forward.

“I work hard on customer service, and I work hard on the quality of the product,” Logan said.

He said that they have been able to implement creative ideas, and inventive things on the course, and that people are saying this is the best the course has looked in “memories.”

Logan has committed to stay in Los Alamos for the next 10 years, until his son graduates from high school.

“Then it will just be a year-to-year thing depending on what I want to do,” he said.

With his life seemingly settled long-term for the first time in decades, Logan said he could not be more satisfied with the life experience he has accumulated, and the life he has lived.

He said, “I really have had a fantastic life, and a great, great career.”