Lock your doors to strangers

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By Carol A. Clark

A Los Alamos resident allowed a young man into his home to “use the bathroom” only to discover his wallet disappeared with the slick con artist. This is just one case in a growing number of reports local police are receiving from duped residents.
Strangers knocking on doors with mal intent, teams of magazine sellers, usually young and under the guise of “working for college tuition” and other con games have penetrated the town site and White Rock sporadically for several years. Police are concerned because more citizens are opening their doors to these virtual strangers, letting them into their homes and writing them checks. Small items sometimes turn up missing.
A purse was stolen in one case. And many times, the paid-for magazines never arrive.
“One thing we can do right away is an educational campaign for the residents to give them tools to deal with the situation,” Chief Wayne Torpy said. “We want to caution residents to not open their doors to people they do not know. We urge them to call 911 whenever they feel they are at risk. It’s also very important for parents to teach their children to not open the door or let strangers in the house.”