Local organizations to receive tourism money

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By Carol A. Clark

The Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation and the Los Alamos Ski Club join other New Mexico non-profit organizations and local and tribal governments to share in $1 million awarded this fiscal year through the New Mexico Tourism Department’s annual Cooperative Marketing Program. 

The LACDC will receive $15,000 from its consortium application and the Los Alamos Ski Club will receive $2,900.

“Applying for this grant is something we’ve done each year to obtain additional resources,” said Kevin Holsapple, executive director of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation on Tuesday.

Holsapple explained that none of the funding from the grant is spent internally, on staffing or administrative costs within the LACDC.

The Department of Tourism monies are used to promote Los Alamos outside of the local area, he said. Many local Chamber of Commerce businesses advertise in the mountain biking magazine “Mountain Flyer,” and the cost of those ads is reduced with the help of the grant.

“This is great for our members,” said Katy Korkos, Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce member services coordinator. “The value they receive often exceeds their annual cost of membership.”

Holsapple explained that his organization partners and shares with the Los Alamos Historical Society on the grant application and then works with local businesses to optimize the funding.

This year’s award also will go to support the printing of the map that guides people on the Historic Walking Tour of Los Alamos.

More than 10,000 Walking Tour Maps are distributed each year, mainly through the Visitor Center and at the Historical Society Museum.

“Again in working with the Historical Society, we are able to help defray the cost of printing,” Korkos said.

Also, a group of businesses located along the route of the walking tour are working together to present their message to visitors, she said, adding that the cost of producing this year’s edition of the map also is being defrayed with the help of a MainStreet Small Projects grant.

“One benefit of the MainStreet grants is that they encourage businesses to work together,” Korkos said.

Cooperative marketing funds are made available through the program to help these community outreach organizations promote their areas as a visitor destination.

Eligible costs also include the printing of promotional brochures, web site development, trade show participation and costs associated with public relations.

“The communities that market the State of New Mexico have the knowledge and experience to promote their respective attractions and events,” said Michael Cerletti, Secretary of the Tourism Department in a news release. “The cooperative marketing program is an effective way of partnering with the people that have put together solid marketing programs to help them increase tourism in their area in particular and to the state overall.”

Funding was based on the proposal’s score and available monies and was reviewed by a committee of marketing professionals from the public and private sectors, according to the news release.

Organizations funded totaled 116, which will be receiving $696,700 of the available $1 million.

For information, access www.losalamoschamber.com or www.fyiLA.com.

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