Local doctor faces charges

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LAPD: Man threatens to shoot officers

By Whitney Jones

A Los Alamos doctor faces criminal charges after a series of events Wednesday night landed him behind bars.

Pavel Mourachov, 40, a urologist who works at Los Alamos Medical Center, is charged with two counts of assault on a police officer, one count of driving under the influence of drugs, and one count of resisting, evading or obstructing an officer – all misdemeanor charges.

Five Los Alamos police officers were dispatched to Mourachov’s Los Alamos residence after receiving a call that he was potentially suicidal.

The police report and supplemental notes filed by Cpl. Adam Jung, Officers Robert Stephens, Oliver McCartney, Jeremy Duran and Lt. Oliver Morris tell the following story:

Jung was informed that Mourachov allegedly threatened to shoot anyone who came to his house or make anyone who came to his house shoot him.

Officers approached the residence and rang the doorbell several times, but no one answered and the house’s interior lights went off.

After making a call to the home, police dispatch told the officers that Mourachov allegedly said he did not want to hurt himself or others but refused to meet or speak with officers. Dispatch also advised that Mourachov allegedly stated that the officers were trespassing on his property and he would not speak with them.

From outside, the officers heard what seemed to be a gun being discharged. Roberts waited out in front of the home, at which point, Mourachov allegedly walked outside the front door, unarmed, went back into his house, walked back outside and entered his garage telling the officers he was leaving and “you better not try to stop me.”

The officers approached the garage. Mourachov allegedly was in a yellow Audi which was running.
Jung said he gave Mourachov several commands to turn the vehicle off to no avail. The driver then allegedly reversed the vehicle in the direction of the officers and then back into the garage.

At that point, Mourachov attempted to close the garage door with Jung inside - Jung disengaged the door by pulling on the emergency release lever.

Officers then pulled Mourachov from the vehicle and placed him in police custody.

Once in custody, a medic was dispatched to the scene to evaluate Mourachov. He refused treatment and when asked if he was taking any medication stated “none that you need to know about.”

Jung noticed that Mourachov’s speech was allegedly slow and his actions lethargic. The officer said Mourachov’s eyes were also allegedly watery and bloodshot. Mourachov consented to a field sobriety test.

After performing the Walk-and-Turn test, he allegedly said that he did not feel comfortable performing the test stating that he was “anxious” and “still worked up” over the incident at home. Ten minutes later, Mourachov allegedly said he was willing to attempt the tests.

But based on Mourachov’s performance of the Walk-and-Turn and One-Leg Stand, Jung opined that he was under the influence of drugs.

No alcohol was found at the scene, Cpt. Randy Foster said.

Police Chief Wayne Torpy said even though Mourachov was on his own property when he was allegedly driving under the influence; state law requires that a driver only be behind the wheel and operating the vehicle to be charged under the statute.

Foster said police searched the vehicle and no weapons were found. The house was not searched.

Mourachov was then placed under arrest and transported to Los Alamos County Jail.

As of Friday morning, Mourachov had not seen the judge and no bond had been posted for his release. Foster said Mourachov will likely go in front of a judge this afternoon.