'Litte Shop of Horrors' to be open for business

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By Kirsten Laskey

Los Alamos High School Olions Thespian Club is not ending its theater season on a sweet note. No, a much more evil, sinister song will be sung. Something villainous appears to be growing within Duane Smith Auditorium. It’s in the form of a monstrous, man-eating Venus-fly-trap in the musical, “Little Shop of Horrors.”

“This is a show I always I wanted to do,” Nina Saunders, sponsor of the Olions, said. “From the first time I saw ee I was just intrigued about the idea of a musical being a horror story.”

The story didn’t start out being a musical. It first appeared as a 1930s B-movie horror film before it was transformed into the musical play. Even though the story is old, the Olions are putting a modern twist on it. Skid Row has gone punk in the high school’s production. Performers don neon leggings and hair sprayed their hair into spikes. The buildings are coated with graffiti.

Saunders said their concept for the play was to make the environment and the people unnatural, inorganic.

However, as the monster plant grows and gets more powerful, the scenery changes. The plant assumes control and forces the environment to become organic and natural, Saunders said.