Lifetime veneration is seldom justified

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By Joel M. Williams

There seems to be a growing move to name public facilities after deceased folks who have made some contribution to the facility or to the activity that has occurred in or at that facility. It is my opinion that honoring of the deceased is indeed appropriate when there is sufficient evidence that such an honor is deserved.

However, lifetime veneration is seldom justified — seldom does one person do all. Thus, I believe that the county council should enact a decree that an honorary name attached to a public facility be for no longer than a 10-year period. After 10-years, it is not likely that many citizens will remember why the honored deceased warranted such an honor and many others will have contributed to the facility in the meantime. The honored person will have been duly venerated in any case. After 10 years the public facility reverts to its original name or a new one.

Joel M. Williams

Los Alamos